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About Us

We are a Technology Startup specialized in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Industries, Distributors and Retailers.


Our mission

Empower companies to sell more and increase their margin, through accurate decisions and increasing their operational efficiency, based on training data models (Machine Learning) and Generative Artificial Intelligence.

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Focus on results

Our focus is on tangible results: increasing sales, reducing costs, eliminating stockouts and suggesting ideal purchase orders. With Salesrun, we offer a complete solution that integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize inventory management, create effective commercial campaigns and digitize points of sale.

Our approach

We identify common operational inefficiencies in our B2B marketplace, from stockouts to decisions based on feelings rather than hard data. Using AI/ML, we train models to predict future scenarios and provide valuable insights for making quick, intelligent decisions.

Our story

We are a Brazilian startup founded in 2018, driven by the vision of transforming the Industry, Distribution and Retail sectors through Artificial Intelligence technology. Our mission is to empower companies to sell more and increase their margin through operational excellence provided by AI.


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