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Updated: Jul 9

In early April, the team was honored to attend Google Cloud Next '24 , Google Cloud's flagship global event, held in Las Vegas. During the event, which was attended by more than 30,000 people from more than 130 nationalities, we delved into the latest innovations in technology and artificial intelligence offered by Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Next '24 main stage during exciting opening keynote.
Google Cloud Next '24 main stage during exciting opening keynote.

The event served as a showcase for thousands of talks that explored how companies around the world are using Google Cloud's advanced technologies to innovate. Networking was a key component, with valuable interactions with Brazilian startups and global Google Cloud executives, who showed great interest in our technology and suggested international expansion possibilities for .

A Stage for Innovation

Highlight of the event, was invited to participate in the panel " Boosted by the Cloud: An immersive journey with Latin America developers and Google Cloud GenAI solutions ". Alongside giants like Banco BV and Globo, we share how we are shaping the future with our generative artificial intelligence solutions using Gemini. Not only was our session sold out, it was also a smashing success, generating significant buzz and opening doors for future collaborations.

During the event, we had the opportunity to speak with Luciano Martins , Google AI Developer Advocate at Google Cloud, who expressed great admiration for our work: "You have a product, a team that I admire and respect a lot. The work you are doing doing is unique, bringing together predictive AI with generative AI to generate more advanced and specific insights for customers, but at the same time protecting itself from the risks of generative AI," said Luciano."

Vinícius , CEO and founder of SalesRun, also shared his vision: "We are here to absorb what is most innovative in the technology market and implement it in Salesrun's solutions. Google's cutting-edge technologies, many of which we are already using , and the new ones we are adopting, will ensure that our customers always have access to the latest in artificial intelligence, machine learning and sales prediction. I am extremely proud of what we are achieving and excited to see what else. We can bring innovation to our customers."

Strengthening Partnerships and Looking to the Future 's strong presence at Google Cloud Next '24 not only reflects our commitment to innovation, but also highlights the strengthening of our partnership with Google Cloud. Throughout the event, we strengthened meaningful ties with the Google team, a collaboration that will allow us to integrate the most advanced technologies into our solutions. This growing synergy is a testament to our dedication to not only keeping at the technological forefront, but also to being recognized as an industry benchmark.

With the continued support of the Google team, we are positioned to grow exponentially, delivering innovative solutions that meet and exceed market expectations. Our goal is clear: to continue to innovate and, in the next editions of Google Cloud Next, take the stage not just as participants, but as thought and innovation leaders in technology. is on a trajectory to become a global reference in artificial intelligence solutions, with the firm support of one of the largest technology platforms in the world .

This event was just the beginning of an exciting journey that promises significant transformations for our customers and the market.

With continuous innovations and a strategic partnership with Google Cloud, is ready to shape the future of technology.


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